Thursday, April 19, 2012

One More Nice Day

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

If only…

If only we could enjoy weather like this year-round. If only we could keep this weather around into the weekend. No such luck, friends!

Let’s start with some good news first…we will actually enjoy another nice day of weather to close out the workweek on Friday. Look for another comfortably cool start with temps in the mid 50°s, but afternoon highs will climb into the lower 80°s under partly cloudy skies. Take the opportunity to enjoy Friday’s weather by heading to Live After Five downtown at the new Town Square on North Boulevard. It should be dry as the band ‘Stormy’ takes the stage, with temps in the lower 80°s falling into the mid 70°s.

It’s late Friday night into the first half of Saturday when our biggest weather problems are expected. A cool front, along with an area of low pressure forming near our coastline will lead to good rain chances starting out on Saturday. The small bit of good news here is that it now looks like most of the heavier rains should stay offshore or right along the coast. But any morning plans you have on Saturday will likely include some raindrops.

Showers should gradually diminish during the afternoon hours on Saturday, with breezy and somewhat cooler temps settling in. Highs are expected to top out near 70° on Saturday, but most of the day will be spent in the 60°s. Toss in a stiff northerly breeze on the backside of the lower pressure center in the Gulf and you may actually need a jacket if venturing out during the evening hours.

Sunshine returns for the second half of the weekend and the Louisiana Earth Day festivities in downtown Baton Rouge. Morning temps will likely bottom out near 50°, with afternoon highs topping out in the mid 70°s. Gusty winds will persist into Sunday, so anyone who may have to put up a tent or canopy for Earth Day should have some heavy-duty anchors ready!

And the nice weather that begins on Sunday looks to continue through much of next week! Temperatures will gradually warm-up, but we’ve got no mention of rain through Thursday at this point.

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