Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Relatively Nice Again on Wednesday

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Once again we enjoyed a nice “dry” air mass today with dew point temps running in the 60°s all day long -- compare that to dew points in the low to mid 70°s, closer to the long-term norm for July.  True, we had some high- and middle-level clouds throughout much of the day, but even with afternoon temps getting up to near 90° it didn’t feel bad at all for the middle of the year in South Louisiana (or SW Mississippi).
It looks like these dew points in the 60°s will linger for another day or so before the low-level air starts to really “moisten up.”  Plan on another morning on Wednesday will sun-up temps in the upper 60°s for the Red Stick under a few early morning clouds.  Partly cloudy skies will return for Wednesday afternoon with highs up around 90° -- and we’ll introduce a slight chance (20%) for hit-or-miss showers for Wednesday afternoon.
For now we’re also staying with just a 20% rain chance for Thursday afternoon and early evening -- so most of those Independence Day BBQs should stay dry.  What’s more, just about all of the rain should be gone before Thursday evening fireworks commence, so plan on enjoying your July 4th if you’ve got the day off.

By Friday, however, we’ll be changing things up.

An easterly wave moving west-northwest from the southeastern Gulf will be the key ingredient for a central Gulf Coast wet spell that begins Friday and continues through the weekend -- and possibly into early next week.  For the time being we don’t anticipate anything “tropical” (depression or storm) developing with this mess, but it still could prove to be quite the rain-maker, especially for the coastal parishes.  And while winds should remain well-below tropical-depression intensities, plan on a windy weekend, especially along and near the coastal parishes.

For now, we’re keeping decent rain chances in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday too.

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