Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grab the Umbrella for Friday!

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

As of 5PM, we still haven’t seen the rain that we expected for the day. Titan9 Doppler radar is showing a stray shower here and there across the viewing area, but not the 30% coverage that we anticipated yesterday.

But a wider view of the radar screen shows a broad area of rains extending from East Texas into central and northern Louisiana, along with a well-defined storm system sliding ENE across the northwestern Gulf. This set-up paints a better picture for increasing rain chances by early Friday and well into the day.

Plan on scattered showers with a few t-storms for Friday morning’s commute, with scattered rains extending through the morning and into the afternoon. We’ll start the day in the low 60°s across metro Baton Rouge, with afternoon highs climbing to around 80° or so for the day. Rains should be subsiding by Friday evening’s drive home, but there will still be a few showers in the area.

Our weekend forecast now looks noticeably “drier” compared to earlier in the week. We’ll go with only spotty showers (less than 20% chance) for Saturday afternoon with a modest 20% rain chance posted for Sunday afternoon. With the reduced rain chances -- and the dip expected in the overall cloud coverage -- we expect highs for both days to climb into the mid 80°s.

The outlook for next week suggests that a trailing cool front will slide from west-to-east across the Bayou State late Monday into the morning hours of Tuesday. Based on the current guidance and expected timing of the frontal passage, we’re posting a 30% chance of rain for Monday afternoon and evening, with a 40% to 50% chance (or better) through the night into the early hours on Tuesday.

Skies should clear rather quickly during the latter half of the day on Tuesday, with cooler and less-humid days for both Wednesday and Thursday.

But the big news for many of us is the improved weekend outlook -- is that barbeque pit ready for some springtime outdoor cooking??

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