Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Scorcher Tuesday

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

The combination of prolonged high temperatures (low to mid 90°s) and the oppressive humidity (dew points in the mid to upper 70°s) prompted the NWS to post a “Heat Advisory” for most of the WAFB viewing area.  The Advisory remains in effect officially until 7PM, but the later hours this evening will still remain very warm.  In fact, we’re thinking that temps will remain in the 80°s past midnight, with sunrise lows in the mid to upper 70°s again. 

And for you trivia buffs, this morning’s low of 79° for Metro Airport is the “warmest” morning (the “highest” morning minimum) we’ve seen thus far this summer.  And with the area Heat Index (‘feels like’ temp) climbing into the 100°s for 7 or more hours today, Monday was truly miserable day for those outdoors!

The latest message from the NWS suggests that they will hold-off on issuing another Heat Advisory for Tuesday until they see the overnight and early morning readings.  Our thinking is that tomorrow’s temps will be close enough to today’s so that even if the NWS does not officially post the Advisory, those spending considerable time outdoors on Tuesday should still take extra care in the oppressive heat!  We’re calling for highs on Tuesday to return to the mid to upper 90°s, with Heat Index values running well above 100° for several hours.

Unlike today (Monday), we’ll sneak a very slight chance for a cooling shower into the Tuesday forecast, with rain chances posted at less than 20% -- in other words, only a handful of neighborhoods get that cooling shower, and for others, the limited rains will only add to the humidity while doing little to knock down the afternoon heat.

Our outlook for Wednesday and Thursday doesn’t show much in the way of moderating temperatures, with morning starts in the mid to upper 70°s and highs in the mid 90°s, but at least rain chances ease up (ever so slightly) to 20%.  Heading towards the weekend, rain chances climb to around 30% for Friday, 30% to 40% for Saturday, and then linger around 30% for Sunday.  The better rain chances will come with a slight dip in afternoon highs, but don’t look for any relief from the 90°s any time soon.

We close out July without a single ‘named’ storm after that quick start to the season in May and June.  There is a tropical wave in the central tropical Atlantic that could gain our interest in the coming days as it glides westward at about 10-15 mph.  Conditions over the next few days should be somewhat conducive for modest development, but this wave is still several days from the eastern Caribbean, so we need not be concerned.

But please remember, we are now moving into the heart of tropical season for the Bayou State: more than 70% of Louisiana’s past tropical landfalls have occurred during the coming 10-week period:  are you Storm Ready?  There is still time to get your family and your business prepared!

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