Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gorgeous Weather Rest of This Week

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Did you notice?  Not a single day with measurable rain in our seven-day forecast!  That sure looks good to us!  Yep ... we are headed into the best time of the year for south Louisiana weather -- as long as the tropics cooperate, that is!

We’re still waiting for the skies to clear this afternoon, but clearing from the north and west will continue as the day progresses.  The winds over the Baton Rouge metro area have already swung around, indicating that the primary frontal energy has passed to our south and southeast.  But a secondary, weaker front is still stretched from central Mississippi into Louisiana where it’s southwestern end fizzles out.  Regional radars are showing some light, spotty showers along that secondary front that are headed towards southern Louisiana.  If they hold together -- and that looks like a big “if” -- a couple of area neighborhoods might get a sprinkle during the late afternoon or early evening, but essentially we’re done with the wet weather.  Skies will continue to clear this evening and later tonight.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should be great weather days.  Most WAFB viewing communities can expect morning lows for all three days in the 50°s.  Wednesday’s high will top out in the low 80°s, with highs easing to the mid 80°s for Thursday and the mid to upper 80°s for Friday.  But the humidity stays comfortably low for all three days.
Yesterday we were thinking isolated showers possible for Saturday as our next cool front pushes through, but we’ve got two changes to that thinking today.  First, the weekend’s front is looking like it will be a “mainly dry” passage, with little or no rain for any WAFB viewers.  And second, it looks like the front may arrive in the BR area a little later than initially thought -- possibly not until midnight or even in the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning. 
In any case, Saturday looks to be a little warmer than the prior weekdays, with a slight increase in humidity associated with the flow off the Gulf in advance of the front.  But there doesn’t look like there will be sufficient moisture available to generate any meaningful rains as the front moves through, and the set-up should deliver a fine looking Sunday afternoon with highs slipping back to the low to mid 80°s.
In the tropics: T.S. Nadine just keeps on hanging on and the forecast continues to call for ‘her’ to take a turn to the south later this week, which is great news for residents of the Azores Islands.  Elsewhere, there are no pending tropical waves or disturbances that show signs of development any time soon.  But remember, we’ve still got well over two months more of the official season to go (the end of November).

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