Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hoping for a Little Sun on Thursday!

Do you have a case of the ‘winter blues’? Yet another dreary and chilly day may have left you feeling a bit sluggish, with temps stuck in the 40°s, along with off-and-on drizzle and light rain. There have even been isolated reports of very light sleet today, and we can’t rule that out for this evening, but anything falling in a frozen form would be VERY light and there are no concerns with accumulation.

Clouds and occasional bouts of light rain/drizzle will continue into the overnight hours as Pacific moisture continues to stream up-and-over a shallow mass of cold air at the surface (something meteorologists refer to as ‘overrunning’). However, strengthening high pressure to our north is expected to shunt most of the moisture offshore by daybreak on Thursday.

The big question then becomes, will we see any sunshine? It appears to be a close call, with better chances of some sun north of the interstates and higher likelihood of remaining overcast closer to the coast. We’ll call it mostly cloudy for Thursday, although some areas to the north will likely see more in the way of sunshine.

Even if the sun does make an appearance in your neighborhood on Thursday, it looks as though clouds will quickly return by Friday as our next storm system approaches from the west. We’ll keep the Friday forecast dry, but scattered showers return to the area over the weekend. Right now, I’ve got rain chances posted at 30% for Saturday, but it’s possible I may have to look at increasing those a bit over the next couple of days.

Cool weather stays with us through the weekend, with a modest warm-up expected into next week.

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