Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rains Finally Diminishing Wednesday

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Some WAFB neighborhoods saw as much as 0.5” to 1.0” of rain today, adding to the region’s record-approaching January totals, but thankfully these amounts were not so much as to prompt new rises on most area rivers.  We continue to watch water levels show very slow falls along most area waterways, although the lower reaches of the Amite have remained essentially “flat” through most of the day.
The weather story now shifts from rain to cold.  Today was yet another rather disagreeable day weather-wise, with highs for some of the northern WAFB communities barely making it into the 40°s!  Add in the damp air and the northerly breezes and it certainly felt much colder.
We’ll keep on-and-off passing, mainly-light, showers in the forecast through tonight and Wednesday morning, with the rains coming to an end for most of us by or before mid-day Wednesday.  Some could even see some peaks of sunshine late Wednesday afternoon, with skies clearing across the region from Wednesday evening into early Thursday.

Along with that clearing will come the main shot of a Canadian air mass, with temps dipping below freezing for many WAFB communities by Thursday morning.  You may have heard about some potential for “winter precipitation” this week, especially for northern portions of the WAFB viewing area.  The air will certainly be cold enough by late Wednesday night into early Thursday, but we think that the moisture will get out of the area well before the freezing temps arrive, eliminating any serious potential for snow, sleet or freezing rain.
Plan on sunshine for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
After a freezing wake-up, temps will climb into the mid 50°s under the sunshine for Thursday. Much of metro Baton Rouge will drop back into the low 30°s for Friday morning, with light freezes possible for neighborhoods near and north of the I-10/12 corridor, but afternoon readings should return to the mid to upper 50°s for Friday afternoon.

The weekend is looking good, with highs back into the 60°s and a continued and much-welcomed dry-out.  And the forecasts show that most, if not all, area rivers should be back below flood stage over the weekend.

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