Monday, May 13, 2013

Great Weather Continues Tuesday

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Well, there’s certainly not much to complain about in this week’s forecast.

High pressure will be in charge for the next several days, leading to lots of sunshine and a warming trend through the week.  After lows in the upper 40°s to low 50°s earlier today for WAFB neighborhoods, highs climbed to near 80° or so across the WAFB viewing area. 

Look for the winds to swing around to the southwest and south tonight and tomorrow, resulting in a slow-but-steady return of Gulf humidity.  We’ll get one more ‘cool’ night with lows slipping to the low 50°s by Tuesday morning for the Red Stick, but the southerly flow and increased surface moisture will keep lows in the upper 50°s to lower 60°s for Wednesday’s sunrise.  And note that our forecast has lows in the mid to upper 60°s for the rest of the week, a hint for some rather muggy days ahead.

While our mid-week forecast is a mainly-dry one, we do expect to see a decent dose of clouds from latter half of Wednesday into Thursday.  Late last week we mentioned the cut-off low (an “upper-level” low) over the Gulf of California; the latest satellite imagery shows it is still there.  That upper low will “open up” and begin moving to the east-northeast as it is caught in the mid-latitude flow.  It won’t have sufficient energy to be a serious storm-maker for us but it is likely to create a decent amount of cloud-cover for us as it passes to our north.

Highs will be in the 80°s through the week.  Look for low to mid 80°s for Tuesday through Friday with upper 80°s expected for many WAFB communities by the weekend.  In fact, the coming weekend will have an “almost-summer”  feel to the air with some WAFB neighborhoods may get awfully close to 90° during the afternoons!

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