Friday, May 31, 2013

Hurricane Season kicks-off on June 1st!

Now would be the time to review your personal, family and business 'Hurricane Plan' ... aer you ready?  Check out for some helpful suggestions.  Remember, the consensus among tropical weahter forecasters is that the 2013 season will be another 'busy' one ... and 1-in-3 'named' storms become Gulf storms.
Rain coverage today was somewhat limited as we expected, but that wasn’t good enough to keep Alex Box dry ... and the LSU Tigers had to deal with a rain-delay in the early afternoon during their NCAA Regional match-up with Jackson State. Today’s showers tended to be fairly quick movers, running form south-to-north at about 20-25 mph, which means that for most that did get rain, it didn’t last long nor did it amount to much.
The rains will taper-off this evening and we’ll go to partly cloudy skies into the evening and overnight.
Saturday morning will be on the muggy side, with just a couple of showers for the early morning. By the afternoon, we’ll see a repeat of Friday’s weather: in-and-out of the clouds, with passing showers and a few rumbles of thunder with temps climbing to 90° or more. We’re setting rain chances at about 30% for the afternoon -- so most of you stay dry -- with the temp and humidity combining to push the Heat Index (‘feels like temp’) into the mid 90°s.
We’re still expecting a cool front to slide through the state on Sunday, and that means better rain chances through the day -- for now, I’m thinking a 50% to 60% chance through the middle of Sunday. The good news is that it does look like Sunday’s front will continue to march to the east and southeast on Monday, allowing “drier” (less humid) continental air to filter into the lower Mississippi Valley for Monday afternoon into Tuesday. That doesn’t mean a big drop in the afternoon temps for those two days -- I’m still calling for highs around 90° -- but the afternoons won’t be oppressive thanks to the lower dew points.
Sadly, the “drier” air mass doesn’t last long and by Wednesday the humidity begins its return, with scattered rains returning to the forecast by Thursday and Friday.

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