Sunday, January 18, 2015

- Jay Grymes / WAFB Chief Meteorologist
- fair skies for the next couple of days
- rain returns later in the work week
It wasn't nearly as chilly a start today compared to recent mornings, even with the light NW winds.  And our mainly sunny skies through the day took most WAFB neighborhoods into the upper 60°s with some folks briefly reaching the 70°s during the afternoon.  A nearly-perfect Sunday for January across the region ... and the marathoners loved it too.
A weak, dry cold front slipped through the state early this morning, doing little to affect today’s weather, but it does introduce a reinforcing dose of slightly-cooler and less-humid continental air from the north and northwest into the lower Mississippi Valley.  So it’s mainly clear skies for the overnight and into Monday morning, with Monday sunrise temperatures down in the mid to upper 30°s for metro Baton Rouge.
Monday -- Martin Luther King Day -- will be another January beauty, and back into the upper 60°s for most of us under mainly-sunny skies.  A slow warming trend continues into the week, with a morning low in the low to mid 40°s for the Capital City on Tuesday with afternoon highs in the upper 60°s to around 70° under fair to partly-cloudy skies.  Here comes another front on Wednesday morning, but it arrives “dry” just as Sunday morning’s front did.  Plan on partly-to-mostly cloudy skies for early Wednesday, with the cloud cover easing back just a tad by the afternoon.  Wednesday starts out in the mid to upper 40°s, with the cooler air mass behind the morning frontal passage keeping the afternoon highs in the low to mid 60°s for most of us.
Of course, the great weather and sunshine can’t last forever.  We’re bringing rain back into the area on Thursday.  Thursday’s rain will be mainly a cold, “overrunning” rain resulting from a combination of alingering area of low pressure in the central Gulf associated with Wednesday’s front plus a little extra lift provided by an east-bound upper-level system tracking out of the Desert Southwest.  Highs may struggle to reach the 50°s for some WAFB neighborhoods on Thursday and Friday thanks to the cold rain and cloud cover.
But for most of us, the rains on Thursday and Friday aren’t terrible news.  The wet system exits the region on Friday, leaving us with a cool but mostly-fair weather for NEXT weekend.

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