Monday, May 14, 2012

Warming Back Up This Week

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

We’ve had the pleasure of a couple of nice spring days!  In fact, after a string of days in the 90°s earlier in the month, we’ve had a little run of days with highs coming in below-average!  But how long will it last?

Sorry -- not long.  Tuesday looks like it will be the last day with highs at or below normal, with the upper 80°s returning by mid-week.  As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised to see a couple of locations reaching 90° or above by the weekend.

Since the wet weather exited the region on Saturday, somewhat cooler and drier air has taken up residence along the Gulf Coast -- that turned out to be great news for Mother’s Day!  Unfortunately, the mild temperatures of the last couple of days will give way to mainly-dry but warmer weather as weak upper-level ridging takes control over most of the southern U.S. by mid-week.

Tuesday opens with sunrise temps near 60° for metro Baton Rouge, and like we saw on Monday morning, there may be some patches of fog for the morning commuters.  But generally, we don’t expect any widespread fog issues for the morning drive.  Tuesday afternoon will be partly cloudy and a little warmer than Monday.

And the truth is that we can’t completely rule out a stray shower or two on Tuesday or Wednesday – but we’re posting rain chances for both days at well under 1-in-5 (less than a 20% chance).  Disturbances over western and central Texas continue to track east-southeast across the Lone Star State this afternoon and that will continue into the evening.  One or two of these might hold together and expand just enough as they reach the western Gulf to generate a sprinkle during the next two afternoons in our viewing area. 

The way things look now, by Thursday we’ll take any chance of rain out of the picture for the end of the work week and right through the weekend.  But the warm-up at week’s end will be accompanied by a return of inflow from the Gulf, meaning “heat and humidity.”  Yes, by the weekend, we’ll be back to a summer-like feel to the air.

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