Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot, Mainly Dry Weekend

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Fair and warm for this evening’s “Live After Five” ... temps will stay in the 80°s throughout the 3-hour street party but the humidity remains comfortably low, so it won’t feel bad at all!  Why not get out and enjoy the music downtown, make a run to your favorite restaurant, or just lounge about in the backyard.

Our weekend is shaping up to be very warm and remain dry.  We’re calling for sunrise temps in the mid 60°s for metro BR for both Saturday and Sunday, with highs for both afternoons getting up around the 90° mark -- we won’t be surprised to see a few Weather Watchers report highs in the low 90°s.  So enjoy the weekend, but be careful in the heat -- and don’t forget the sunscreen!
A mid/upper-level ridge remains in control of our regional weather, and that should continue through the weekend.  Remember, high pressure aloft limits the ability for clouds to develop vertically -- and vertical development is a requirement for rain.  By limiting the clouds, ridging also can enhance hours and percentage of sunshine, helping to warm things up.  In addition, high pressure in the middle and upper layers of the atmosphere encourages subsidence: sinking air from above.  And while it may not be completely intuitive at first, sinking air warms very quickly and that can add to the afternoon’s warmth.
The upper ridge may weaken and shift east by Monday into Tuesday, allowing a slight chance of rain for Tuesday into early Wednesday, but the ridge re-asserts itself by late Wednesday into Thursday.  As a result, it looks like we’ll stay warmer than normal not only for the weekend, but for most or all of the coming seven days!

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