Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to "Typical" August Weather

-- Jay Grymes / WAFB Storm Team 
For most of us, it was a fairly nice weekend .. although I did get a good shower in the middle of grass-cutting on Saturday afternoon! Add to that the fact that the disturbance in the Gulf simply fizzled away and you could hardly complain about the past couple of days. Even with the clouds, today was a fairly nice day by August standards with dew points in the low 70°s.
The weak quasi-stationary front that was meandering along the Louisiana coast last week and through the past weekend still lingers, although most of the “energy” associated with the boundary is located far to our east. It will provide a little lift for local showers on Tuesday and for each of the next few days, as the NWS Weather Prediction Center has the front remaining on their forecast maps into Friday. In fact, while the stalled front won’t be a real problem for us, parts of the Southeast U.S. could be dealing with serious flood threats by mid-week.
For us? Let’s call it a 30% rain chance for Tuesday and set rain chances at about 30% to 40% for the rest of the work week across metro Baton Rouge. Highs each day will run in the 90° to 92° for the Red Stick with morning lows generally in the low 70°s. All in all, just about “normal” for mid to late August.
Unlike the past several days, the 7-day outlook shows no signs of another cool front headed our way. So “near normal” is a good bet through the weekend as well.
We’ve already mentioned the demise of the Gulf disturbance (92L) and the weekend also saw an end to Erin, an open Atlantic storm that moved north and lost ‘her’ tropical character on Sunday. Elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin, there’s just not much to talk about. Although there are a couple of tropical waves evident in the satellite imagery, the National Hurricane Center currently has no areas in the basin under “watch.”
So let’s enjoy the quiet while we have it ... the climatological peak of the hurricane season -- roughly around September 10 -- is not that far down on the calendar!

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