Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rain Not An Issue for Labor Day Weekend

Rain won't be much of an issue for your Labor Day weekend.  Many will get the extra day off on Monday so lets talk about the forecast.  Saturday will be a completely dry day.  Heat and humidity will be on the rise though.  Highs this afternoon should top out in the low to mid 90°s.  Factor in the slowly rising humidity and heat index values will make it feel more like the upper 90°s.

High pressure will shift and weaken on Sunday.  That will allow for a very slight mention of rain.  A spot or two of wet weather may appear on Titan 9 Doppler Radar.  Don't cancel any outdoor plans if you have them.  Rain coverage is only expected to be around 10% of the entire WAFB viewing area.  Highs will once again climb into the low to mid 90°s.  Feels like temperatures may reach 100°.

Labor Day itself will see another slight increase in rain chances.  Iso'd showers and storms will pop up Monday afternoon.  Once again don't cancel any outdoor plans as rain coverage will be about 20%.  Highs will be in the low to mid 90°s with feels like temperatures reaching the low triple digits.

If you are worried about the wet stuff we have some great tools for you to use.  Download our free Titan 9 Weather App in your app store on your smart phone.  Also head to our website and view our interactive radar.  You can get a street view perspective.  Link: Interactive Radar

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