Friday, September 6, 2013

A Hot Weekend ... and Tropical Action!

Not a bad way to end the work week -- staying rather warm this Friday evening with just isolated showers in the viewing area – and most of those should be gone by sunset. So enjoy the evening, whether it’s dinner-and-a-movie, a little high school football, or maybe catching this evening’s first “Live After Five” of the fall series!
And summing up your weekend outlook: staying hot and mainly dry! A few WAFB neighborhoods flirted with the mid 90°s today and many of those same areas should get ready for a repeat on Saturday. The calendar says September but it still feels like August!
Just like we’ve seen the last several mornings, Saturday will open with mostly-clear skies for the ‘Red Stick’with sunrise temps in the low 70°s. The morning warm-up will be a quick one with readings already close to 90° by noon. Highs will reach the low to mid 90°s for just about everyone under partly cloudy skies, and only a few will get a heat-busting afternoon shower -- we’re going with just a 20% chance of afternoon and early-evening t-showers.
If you are planning on taking in a long run of tailgating fun for LSU’s home opener against Alabama-Birmingham, please take care in the summer heat! Yes, you’ll also need to keep an eye to the skies in the mid and late afternoon for those sneaky showers, but the heat and sun will be the bigger weather issue of the afternoon. In fact, even at game-time (6:00pm), temps around ‘Death Valley’ will still be running close to 90° or so, especially over those parking lots!
And for the Jaguar Nation traveling to Natchitoches for their 6:00pm kick-off, expect it to be even hotter --afternoon highs will reach the upper 90°s on the Northwestern campus! They also have a 20% rain chance for the afternoon and early evening, but if the clouds and showers don’t arrive, kick-off temps at Turpin Stadium could still be in the mid 90°s!
And Sunday for WAFB viewers? Another mainly-clear morning start with sunrise temps in the low 70°s, then becoming just about as hot in the afternoon with spotty showers at best.
We keep the extended forecast warmer-than-normal right through next week too, with metro Baton Rouge morning lows in the low 70°s ... afternoon highs in the low to mid 90°s ... and only spotty-to-isolated mainly-afternoon showers just about all week long.
In the tropics, there are no immediate areas of concern but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is watching four areas. From west to east:
(1) The disturbance in the extreme western Gulf just made it to depression strength -- T.D. #8 -- during the early afternoon, just before beginning its landfall along the Mexican Coast. T.D. #8 will slowly continue to move inland this evening and should rapidly weaken over the next 12 to 24 hours.
(2) Remnants of Gabrielle and (3) a broad disturbance northeast of those remnants are both being held in-check by wind shear and nearby “dry” air, keeping the development potential on the low side through the next several days, at least.
(4) A tropical wave roughly midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles is moving into a region of unfavorable atmospheric conditions, so much so that the NHC gives the low-pressure area virtually no chance of development through the next five days.
So there you have it. Enjoy the weekend ... and take care in the heat!

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