Saturday, September 21, 2013

LSU Forecast

It looks like good news for LSU tailgaters and game goers.  A cold front is advancing through the area much faster than first anticipated.  This means drier and cooler air will work into South Louisiana as early as later this morning.
Doppler Radar Image @ 7:20 AM
 Taking a look at the Titan 9 Doppler Radar image above you can see that most of the heavy rain has pushed SE of Baton Rouge.  Notice the drier conditions just to the NW of Baton Rouge.  That is the current position of the passing cold front.  This won't result in a completely dry afternoon though.  A few lingering showers just in extreme East Texas near Lake Charles are proving that a few iso'd to sct'd light rain showers will still be possible later this morning and early this afternoon.  But the threat for heavy rain will not be an issue for LSU tailgaters.  Still have the poncho handy for some of these possible sct'd light rain showers.

As for the game itself the rain chance should really be minimal.  The field will be soggy I'm sure as rainfall totals have exceeded 3" in most Baton Rouge spots Saturday.

We can't rule out a few stray sprinkles here or there especially early, but the Tiger faithful will get to enjoy a mostly dry game.  The temperatures will be really nice too.  Cooler air on the backside of the front will but a nice fall like feel to temperatures.

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