Friday, April 19, 2013

Record Lows Likely Saturday Morning!

By Jay Grymes & Steve Caparotta

Temps fell into the upper 40°s for metro BR during the morning, thanks in part to the overnight front pushing through metro BR before midnight and the rains ending a little sooner than expected. Clouds hung around into the afternoon for much of the greater Baton Rouge area, with radar indicating some showers along the coast.

Those persistent clouds and the northwesterly wind kept the air quite cool into mid-day, but thankfully, the Capital City began seeing some peeks of sunshine by the lunch hour which allowed temps to climb into the 60°s during the afternoon. Yet even with that modest warm-up, it was nothing like the mid to upper 80°s over recent days.

Our forecast calls for clear skies with little or no wind combining with the very dry air mass in place overnight and early Saturday. That should set the stage for Baton Rouge to drop to a record low on Saturday morning! We’re calling for lows in the upper 30°s for the ‘Red Stick,’ with some WAFB communities up along the LA/MS state line dropping into the mid 30°s.

(For the trivia buffs: long-term Baton Rouge temperature record shows no readings ever as low as the 30°s this late in the month. In fact, a quick look at the available records suggests that temps at Baton Rouge have only fallen into the 30°s after April 15th on just four occasions -- prior to tomorrow morning.)

After a cold start for Saturday, sunshine will warm most of us into the low 70°s. We’ll have another chilly start for Sunday morning, but Sunday afternoon looks like another springtime weather winner, with highs in the mid to upper 70°s -- just about perfect for BR’s downtown Earth Day festivities!

The warming trend continues into Monday and Tuesday, with rain chances rising late Tuesday as our next cold front approaches. The current projections next week’s front have the boundary draped across central Louisiana early Wednesday morning with the system sweeping quickly out into the Gulf during the day. That should leave us with mild and dry weather for Thursday and Friday.

Enjoy the weekend weather -- and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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