Saturday, March 1, 2014

Overnight Sunday Could Get A Little Active

The rest of tonight will be very mild.  Temperatures will slowly drop through the 60°s this evening into the midnight hour.  Don't be surprised if you see some patchy areas of fog as you wake up Sunday.  Moisture is continuing to stream in off persistent southerly winds.  The fog shouldn't be very thick.  Visibilities probably don't drop below 2 miles.

The remainder of the morning and afternoon hours will be on the dry side.  Clouds will continue to fill in and daytime highs will reach the mid 70°s.  A strong cold front is headed our way though.  This cold front is associated with the same storm system that is dropping huge amounts of rain on California.

The potential strength of this system has prompted the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK to post a slight risk for severe weather for the WAFB viewing area late Sunday night into the predawn hours of Monday.

T-storms could begin forming as early as the mid evening hours of Sunday (8PM).  These storms would have the greatest potential for hail and maybe even a possible tornado.  Tornadoes though are the lowest risk of severe weather for this event.  A squall line is expected to form out ahead of the advancing cold front.  The squall line will carry the greatest threat for strong damaging straightline winds.  The good news is that the system should weaken some as it moves through East Texas and West Louisiana.  That is not to say that this storm system won't pack some punch as it moves through our neck of the woods.

As for rain we probably won't pick up more than half an inch or so as the system passes.  The heavy rain potential will be there, but the system will be moving with some considerable speed lessening the overall total expectations.

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